Welcoming back universities for the new academic year

The start of October means the start of lectures! Thanks to these Tweets from Kristine Ask, who is Assistant Professor at NTNU. We’re pleased to see using Kahoot! has such great impact on the student’s experiences.

I was teaching a hydro mechanics course for the first time, and was eager to make the classes interesting and relevant, but I was uncertain about the level of knowledge and not very confident about my own teaching skills.

Introducing Kahoot! was a lucky strike! First of all the students got very excited about this new way of learning, and it increased their interest for the subject. Some of them told me that they even did the hydro mechanic Kahoot! quizzes with their friends at home. For me it was very useful to have direct feedback after the lesson, to see what they had understood, and what I needed to be explain over again. Sometimes I got really surprised to see that the things I thought were very difficult turned out to be understood by most of the students, and on the other hand, things I thought I had stressed and explained well, was not at all captured. The students liked when I spent some minutes to explain the answer before proceeding to the next question. Kahoot! also inspired me to try to make better lessons, since I test at the end of the session whether I had succeed or not.
Hanne Nøvik - Lecturer, NTNU (and a Kahoot! user)

We were delighted to stumble across this blog post about Kahoot! from a student at NTNU. The link is translated into English from Norwegian, here is the original version.

"It’s a fun way to review and summarise the material that has been discussed in lectures, which makes it pleasurable and fun, and participation has been high throughout the semester."

Playing Kahoot! at NTNU with Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske

For those Norwegian speakers (and those with Google translate!), here is an article about the recent visit to NTNU by Trond Giske. Pictures 2, 3 and 8 show Kahoot! being played by Giske with NTNU Headmaster Torbjørn Digernes and Kahoot! Inventor Alf Inge Wang, infront of the NRK cameras.

And here is an article from the NTNU Technology Transfer Office.

This afternoon, Inventor Alf Inge Wang played Kahoot! with Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske, and NTNU Headmaster Torbjørn Digernes in front of the NRK cameras. Watch our for it on the news tonight!

This is the second time Trond Giske has played Kahoot! after joining us for a game on a visit to our London office in February.

Photos: Kai Torgeir Dragland, NTNU

I used Kahoot! for the first time, it has been a great success! I had more students coming to my lecture today compared to yesterday already. Also it gives me good feedback on what they have learned and remembered. It is great that I can stop between the questions and go through/explain the answers. The students come to my desk during the breaks and say that this is a very good concept!
Hanne Nøvik, PHD Student & Lecturer at NTNU (and Kahoot! user)

Tutorial: Creating Kahoot! quizzes to play in lectures

Inventor and avid user Professor Alf Inge Wang speaks with Co-Founder & Lead Designer Jamie Brooker, discussing his process for creating quizzes using Kahoot! for his software engineering lectures at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. He talks about where he finds content, how quick it takes him and how it fits into his teaching schedule.

Case Study: Using Kahoot! at the Norwegian University of Technology & Science

Inventor and avid user, Professor Alf Inge Wang talks with Co-Founder & Lead Designer Jamie Brooker about using Kahoot! in his lectures, with up to 500 students at Norwegian University of Technology and Science. He talks about when in the lecture he uses it, what benefits he sees to both himself and his students and the change in behaviours within a lecture as well as longer term.