Challenging students to ask their own great questions


Kahoot! user Jeremy Johnston (@helpteachtech) recently shared with us how his students are using Kahoot! in class. Jeremy is a technology teacher and EdTech enthusiast in Brenham, Texas.

It was so great, that we thought we’d share it with everyone, perhaps you could adopt Jeremy’s approach in challenging students to ask their own great questions?

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Students asking their own questions with Kahoot!

We love it when our users tell us about their Kahoot! experiences. Recently, several teachers have been sharing how they embed Kahoot! into their classes in a deeper way; challenging students to ask their own questions by creating their own Kahoots, to share their deeper knowledge and understanding on topics by playing them back with their classmates.

We love how the teachers have created worksheets for their students to ask questions within the Kahoot! framework…. allowing them to research the topic, ask great questions and come up with wrong answers as well as the right answers to enforce their learning. They can then collect imagery and create their Kahoots to play back with classmates!

Find out more about our ‘Learners to Leaders’ pedagogy and see a case study.

Here are some of the amazing Tweets we’ve received, thanks to @Mdunkin65, @MsWoodClass and @TechnologyTym:

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We think anyone who’s new to Kahoot!, or unsure as to whether they should use it in their classroom should read this blog post from @CatherineVCA_NJ. It superbly sums up the value she and her students get from using Kahoot! in the classroom, focuses on Kahoot!’s low barrier to usage and also provide a great quick fire instruction guide to how it works.

Thanks, Catherine!

Thanks for such a great product. The kids not only played the game once, but when they were done insisted on trying again. After the second time, I had a tough time getting on to the next part of the lesson…they loved it that much!
Joelle Dulaney, Richards ISD Educator, Texas, USA (& a Kahoot! user)

Kahoot! user Deb Norton (@deb_norton) has recently embarked on a series of "Chat with Deb" videos on Intel Engage:

"Twice a month I will be creating a video chat to share out a tip, website or tool that can be used to integrate technology into the classroom."

We’re honoured that she has dedicated the first in the series to Kahoot! - here’s a link to the Intel Engage conversation, and here’s Deb’s original blog post where she explains her new adventure.

Thanks, Deb!

Thanks to Jonathan Wylie (@jonathanwylie) for this article about Kahoot!, focusing on our game-based learning side, and student-centric approach. 

Kahoot! Awards 2013!

Since our public-beta launch at the end of August we’ve had an incredible response to our platform, and we owe you a massive thank you!

You have created over 22,000 Kahoots, which have been played with over 500,000 players, who have given 6 million answers, in 116 countries!

Below are our 2013 awards. They were really, really, really hard to choose, and we’d have loved to have thanked more of you! On that note, make sure you scroll to the bottom to see how you can vote for our People’s Choice Award!

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